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String Theory

Here are some behind the scenes photos of a TV Pilot I was DP on for the upcoming That Studio production called “String Theory.” Overall, we used the Pocket cam and the BMCC heavily. I...... Read more


Here’s a montage film (I have to call it a montage film because calling it a “film” in my opinion is inaccurate). I shot at a Wildlife Preserve out in Long Island, NY. This place...... Read more

Shrinking Our Toolbox

When we set out to make a film, what is the end goal? For me, it is to help the audience escape for the small amount of time they are watching my film. I use...Read more Read more

Hello all!

Just a quick note that I moved my blog here. You can view the work in the VIDEOS section. I’ll be adding to it constantly, both new and old videos (mostly new) so bear with...Read more Read more

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