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***UPDATE(12/25/08): YOU CAN VIEW PART 2 HERE***

A while ago, I posted THIS BLOG about why I was excited about Adobe Production Premium CS4. So now, I wanted to follow up that blog with a video blog.


This is my first video blog. It’s about my likes and dislikes, as a director who edits his own films, of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is quickly becoming my main editing system and so I wanted to share a few things about the system that I enjoy and also throw in a few things that I think would make Premiere a better editor.


Not only will I be following this up with more video blogs on features in Premiere, workflow videos, and other little tricks that I use, I will be doing these series of videos for Vegas and Avid as well! I will also be video blogging on some other topics as well so stay tuned! Oh and don’t forget to check out the weekly BEHIND THE SCENES ON ELKE BLASI’s FEATURE FILM “*69.”

I have a lot of stuff planned for the end of this year and all of next year so stay tuned!

So anyway, here it is! The first video blog! Enjoy!

Please LEAVE COMMENTS and let me know what you think! Also, please spread the word and STUMBLE, DIGG, etc using the ADD THIS! button. Any social media love is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thanks again!


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  • Rich perry on

    Cool video Paul, nice insights! – like the end also :)

    • Triple E Productions on

      Thanks so much! Hahaha the end… How many times do I need to screw up before I get it right?! hahaha

  • Chris Yi on

    Great wrap-up on Premiere CS4, and I hope you keep these video blogs up. I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should switch from Final Cut to Premiere (cause it wasn’t that long ago when I was running away from Premiere into the arms of Final Cut).

    As someone who works in the industry, since Final Cut is supposed to be the standard, do you feel that it’ll be harder to collaborate and work with others by using Premiere?

    • Triple E Productions on

      I’ve still got around 1 to 2 more videos on Premiere before I move on to Avid and Sony Vegas!

      As far as switching over to Premiere, the way I look at it is you should use the best tool for the job. Premiere is a very capable editor, pretty much just as capable as Final Cut Pro. I don’t see anything FCP can do that Premiere can’t. It’s really a matter of preference. I love Premiere’s trimming tools (as you’ll see in part 3) and I love the integration with After Effects. Plus, I love how aggressive Adobe has been at supporting all the popular formats! It’s amazing!

      As far as FCP being the standard, I would say that yes, you would be at a handicap working in Premiere because so many people work in Final Cut and Avid that it would be a little limiting. Adobe has put Final Cut XML import into Premiere so that’s lessens the limitations but if they want your FCP project file, then you’re in a jam if you use the XML importer.

      I use Premiere cuz it’s the best editor (in my opinion) for the work I do and my workflow. If you use After Effects, you might as well upgrade to the entire CS4 production suite and use both (if you have the money to spare)!

      Thanks for your comment!

      If you have After Effects, why not use bot

  • Frozen Pixil on

    Just a Note on lining up audio when you cant see the wave form. I have to do this alot with Aurora which is a news editing platform and it also has the habbit of not showing waveforms as they move. So what I do to line up the clips is trim the audio where I want it to line up, move the track in place then extend the clip back. It takes out the guess work by making the in as the point of reference.

    • Triple E Productions on

      That’s definitely a good way to do it and I’ve done it that way before as well. You can also drop it down in there as a “rough line up” or an estimate, then use ALT + . (PERIOD KEY) or ALT + , (COMMA KEY) to move the selected clip LEFT or RIGHT (I believe it’s 1 frame to the left or right). When you do this, the waveform doesn’t disappear.

      If you hold SHIFT while doing this, it will move the clip more frames, I think 5 or 10.

      Although it’s not exactly as it is in Vegas where you can always see the waveform, these small workarounds make it less inconvenient — to the point where it’s not really a big deal.

      Thanks so much for the comment and thanks for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it! If you like what you see, please subscribe via RSS or email!

      Thanks again!

  • Paul B on

    Hi Paul

    Some good insights here.
    Just on the matter of lining up audio, I find a good work around is to doubleclick the clip in the timeline so it opens in the source monitor, then place a marker at the audio drop point, then do the same on the clip I am trying to align with.
    That way the markers of the two clips will accurately snap.
    This is particularly useful when aligning nested sequences where the audio waveform is not visible at all.

    • Triple E Productions on

      This does work but it is very time consuming. I like the ALT + , or ALT + . method that I stated below, but your method definitely does work and I have used it before. The fastest method (for me) is using ALT + , or ALT + . to shift the clips left or right respectively.

      One other thing.. nested sequences (in CS4 at least) DO show waveforms. If they don’t, you can click Sequence > Render Audio and it will display a waveform. I just finished editing something where a lot of my nested sequences didn’t show the audio so I had to render preview files for them in order to see the waveforms.

      I’m not sure if that works in CS3. I don’t remember a RENDER AUDIO option in CS3. I could be wrong, though.

  • Paul B on

    Cool I didn’t know about the render audio command – tho its a bit of a pain when dealing with nested sequences in multicam (at least 3 levels deep) as you have to render the audio for each nesting level for it to come through to the top.

    I use the the alt comma/period all the time when I am setting up clip alignment for multi-cam work. It works even better when I unlink the video/audio, switch to audio units in the timeline, zoom right in and then I can get the audio phase locked!! (Don’t forget to relink your audio/video once you are done).

    With the marker method, I find premiere helps the process tremendously by automatically placing the CTI in the source window at the exact position it is in the timeline. So it is simply a matter of placing the timeline at the desired point, double click the file, then hit the * (asterisk key on the number pad)

    • Triple E Productions on

      Ahh yes! Gotcha! Yes that definitely works. I find using the marker is especially helpful when setting up multicam sequences. Definitely a useful tool. I’d love to be able to use multicam on a movie shoot where I shoot with more than one camera. Can wait for the day I do that!

  • Paul B on

    Sorry if I am (momentarily) dominating your blog.
    Multicam is one of the many places where I think Premiere is so much easier to use than Final Cut (I keep trying to like FinalCutPro but it falls short in all the areas that I need it to).
    Although setting it up (in Premier) requires a certain number of unavoidable steps it is NOTHING like the pita that is FCP’s approach (if someone can prove me wrong I will gladly reconsider).
    FCP does allow you something like 32 cam views as opposed to Premiere’s 4. For me though its fine as I never have to deal with more than 2 cams.

  • Garen on

    Hey Paul,

    I had a question. I’m on a PC with CS4. I’m editing my reel right now. So I render my timeline, save the file, quit premiere, but when I re-open the project, I need to render again. Why is that? CS3 would save it as rendered if i’d rendered and saved the file before quiting? Thanks.

  • Garen on

    sorry, forgot to click notify me via email option.

  • Garen on

    woops.. just realized you’re not paul.. hehe.. man I’m leaving to many comments here.

  • Alberto GP Oliveira on

    Hey, Paul! I’m migrating to Premiere CS4 and I’m missing a good feature I used to work in CS3 (and other before): copy a clip and paste it somewhere else on the timeline. On CS4, I can’t find a way to target audio and video tracks I want the pasted clip to be inserted on.

    Watching your video, I found out that these little “V”, “A1”, “A2”, etc, at the left side of the timeline, do not appear in my timeline. I have the column, but do not have the letters appearing. How do I make’em appear? I tried every way but could not find it.

    Thanx a lot, congratulations for your nice video! :-)

    NOTE: It’s really urgent, so if you could please help me as quick as you can, I really appreciate that. Sorry for bothering…

    • Alberto GP Oliveira on

      Hey again! I just got the “V”, “A1” to appear, I just put some clip at the Source Monitor.

      But still I can’t paste the clip into the target audio and video tracks I want. When I paste the clip, it goes on the same tracks from the original copied clip.

      For instance: I’m copying a clip that’s on Audio 1 and Video 2 tracks, and I want it to be pasted at Audio 2 and Video 1 tracks. Even if I select those last tracks as target (they’re highlighted) it is not working, as it would work on CS3. And even if I put the “V” and “A1” at the desired tracks, it still pastes the clip in its original audio and video track – even though I saw you doing differently in your video.

      Can you please help me?
      Thanx a lot…

    • Triple E Productions on

      Highlight the track (right side, not the left side) and only that track and paste. it should be pasted on that track.

    • Alberto GP Oliveira on

      Thanx, Paul! That’s exactly what I’m doing, but it isn’t working. Maybe it’s a version bug – v. 4.0.0 (314 (MC: 160820)).

      Again, thanx a lot! See ya…

    • Alberto GP Oliveira on

      Ok, I’ve uptaded to v. 4.1.0 (113 (MC 166418)) and it worked!

      Thanx a lot for you support! :-)

  • Simone on

    Hi everybody! I’ve got a question about cs4 and I hope you can give me an answer!
    I got my little sister cs4 to replace her old premiere 10.0 or so, but now when she opens her old projects the timeline doesnt show! well, it does show, but it is empty and you can’t put anything (movieclips, audiofiles) in it. Is it just not possible to open an old 10.0project in cs4 or is this fixable? Please help me!
    Greets, Simone
    oh and ps: merry christmas everybody!

  • Mike on

    Hey Paul,
    I’ve been editing with Premiere Pro for a while now, but I actually learned quite a bit from this video. I had never used or seen some of those features. I also agree with you about the audio-alignment thing; looping sound or synching multiple sources would be so much easier if they didn’t grey out the contents while dragging.
    Great vids, best of luck to you

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