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Updates: “On The Hunt” status, Screenplays, “Asher” status, Lack Of Sleep & more…

Status Updates:

Asher – This web series is probably one of the best things we’ve ever created. I love the characters, the writing, etc. We are going to be casting for this soon and shoot very soon after that. This one will be one to look out for, so keep an eye out for this exciting pilot. Again, this is by far the best thing we’ve ever created.

On The Hunt – As far as this web series is concerned, the editing stage is almost complete. Only 2 more scenes need to be edited. Aside from that, the sound mix and color correction need to be completed. More screen grabs and video coming soon. Very soon!

I’ve been working a lot on a new feature length horror survival screenplay and after that, I have another idea for a supernatural horror script, plus I have another idea for a psychological thriller feature that came to me the other night when I couldn’t sleep. Seriously, it was odd. I had a full day of jobs the following day and I couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden, at around 4am, I got a rush of ideas which led to a basic plot outline for this crazy psychological thriller. I may start on that next.

This week, I have also directed 4 commercials for local business. I’m basically under contract with a company that is either contracted or owned by a popular business directory. I shoot the commercials of people who have bought ads as part of an advertising package. So yes, the commercials are quick, cheesy, and inexpensive but it’s still work and it’s at times fun. Except when you get the occasional client that fights with their co-workers in front of you or who keeps saying how fat they look on camera or who says that they “look like a kid” on camera. I mean, what is up with that? You don’t look that different on camera, you just think you do.

Anyways, on to another topic real quick. Now, if you didn’t know, I do all my “onlining” in After Effects. Color Grading, VFX, etc. So, we all know that After Effects doesn’t have scopes of it’s own. MB Looks remedies this with an RGB scope and it’s pretty much all you really need. But then, Color Finese (packaged with AE) has scopes, but I just don’t like using the interface. Plus, no “power windows” for selective color work, etc. In fact, the only program I like using in a new interface is MB Looks.

So anyways, on TWITTER, I mentioned that it would be cool if AE had it’s own set of scopes. And thanks to Mr. Stu Maschwitz, I was lead to THIS SITE. Now, the new version is coming out (this site says late April… but I guess not) for AE CS3 and the scopes are completely customizable as far as docking and placement goes! This is great! When it comes out, it’s definitely going to be on my list of things to get! Thanks Synthetic Aperture and Stu!

Oh, and wouldn’t MB Looks be even more kick ass if it was more keyframable, had user defined shapes for effects like Fake Depth Of Field, Spot Correction, etc? Yeah you can do it in AE, but MB Looks render faster! A lot faster! Oh and what about this… a 3 up window! Avid users know what I’m talking about. 3 windows, the first shows your previous cut, the middle shows your current place in the timeline, and your third shows the next cut. This makes it easier to match shots in a sequence with each other. Wouldn’t that be a great feature? Stu, I know it’s a lot to ask for, but that would kick major assfault. What do you think? Oh by the way, MB Looks now has Vegas 8 support. Word.

Stay tuned for more… web series & pilot work coming soon… as well as feature film news!

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