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Things picking up…

Man… I really don’t know what to say. Things seem to be picking up, which is odd, because the holidays are getting close. It’s strange, but you just have to find the right people. All the articles I read… all that stuff works if you just do it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about my business. I’m not saying things are going crazy good right now, but things are getting better! I’m actually able to pay some bills. It’s been a long time (since March) but, and I hope this continues, things are finally starting to fall in place so it seems.

All it takes is doing good work and getting your name out there. I really hope things keep on improving because I’m working my ass off and working really hard to make things happen. I’m feeling a bit hopeful and this just proves to me that if you keep pushing and enduring, you’ll get there eventually. Hopefully I won’t have any more broke episodes where my car will be running on empty for several days.

I’ll keep you all posted. Things are getting more exciting. Plus, we added a new shot to FOREVER and we’re going to change a few little things for those of you out there who are going to purchase the DVD. A token of appreciation for all of your support!

Stay tuned!

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