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Star69 – Behind The Scenes – Episode 1 Up Now!

That’s right guys! Here is the first episode of the Behind the Scenes for the upcoming feature film “*69” from Director Elke Blasi. In this episode, we cover the Visual FX on a possession scene, I go on a rant about cough syrup, and we ask for your opinion on one of the Visual FX so please leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!
Remember, please leave a comment and let us know which Visual Effect variation you like best!


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11 Responses

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  • Paul Zadie on

    Very cool. I could have done without the vomit rant, even though it was entertaining. Keep em’ coming.

  • kevin r on

    I’m diggin the green actually, but if it were to be red or white, def red.
    thanks for sharing…looking forward to more

  • Luke on

    Hey Paul, That image alone has me really excited about seeing this film. It reminds me of Beyond the Door which is why I am saying go with the white.

    Red is nice but it doesn’t really seem to be what the director is going for.. At least from what she seems to want to be portraying in the scene which is a possession. Green just looks kind of funky.. A “Hulk” affect like you said. I think it would take away from the intensity of the scene by being able to possibly joke about the Hulk eyes.

    Looking forward to more…

  • sam on

    Love the white :)

  • jdiamond on

    i would say the RED at least in the current comp…
    the white is too on the nose and milky is kinda meh…
    the RED is very 28 days later but has more of an intensity, of course having no real context from the scene its hard to say really.
    the green just looks to ewok-ish :)

  • Matt Scheuerman on

    green is too wierd. Bloodshot eyes that are bad tend to remain bloodshot for weeks so would need it for other scenes. Go with white.

  • pierre on

    Hi Paul and Elke. Just waited a while before expressing my thaughts. The color of the eyes depends on what is going on inside her and the scenario.
    Keep things classic. For an alien type, green – jellow. Is it devil like: red orange or black. Posessed by ancesters or gods: tend more to that withe glow.
    Don’t forget blue…
    Of course you know what or who posesses her, so go for the same color as the posesser.
    Good luck and thanks for the inside look.

  • Matt on

    Hey Guys. Nice work on the BTS spot, although I’d like it better with the cough syrup rant. Seriously? In the shower? Ha. Anyway, the eyes … It really depends on what the scenario is. Overall, I like the red best. But that’s only because it makes it look like she was more severely beaten. Which is cool. But if she was in fact possessed, Like Elke said, then I think I’d go with the white. Although you edge a fine line of getting into zombie territory. Either way, it will look great. Just make sure you make all the possession victims look the same! Can’t wait to see another BTS and hear more about *69. I like Indie Horror. Good luck and post as often as possible. Later guys.

    Also, be sure to check out Indie Production Source at Elke, we’d love to plug your film when it’s finished.

  • Paul Del Vecchio on

    Thanks guys for the comments! Keep em coming! We’ll let you know what the results are in a little while!

  • Paul Zadie on

    I just realized that I forgot to give my opinion on the eyes. I say red as it just seems more grounded in reality. Red has a physiological explanation. I guess it really comes down to the context. White is a possibility, but definitely not green. Well, there’s my two cents.

  • 100monkeys on

    I like the green eyes. White is classic but has also been done to death. Red seems too 28 Days Later to me. Green is unique (outside the Hulk, another genre). I can’t wait to get drunk in that space, too. White if not. Classic beats fly by night hands down.

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