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Sony Vegas Pro 8 for $129.00

B&H is running a special on Vegas Pro 8. Normally retailing for approximately $469 for the full packaged version, B&H is now offering a basic retail version (no printed manual) for just $129. Sure, there’s no manual, but you can download it HERE for free (both Vegas Pro 8 and DVD Architect) in PDF format. Then you can print it out if you really want to.

Now, you can go between your current NLE and Vegas (to do your audio mix) by exporting/importing AAF files. Or you could just edit your entire project in Vegas, do the audio mix in Vegas, and do your VFX and finishing in After Effects (again, by export an AAF from Vegas and importing it into AE – cuts intact).

If you want more information on this workflow, feel free to contact me: paul(at)triple-e-productions(dot)net

Great deal.

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