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REPOST: Why, as a Director, I’m excited about Adobe Production Premium CS4.

I’m reposting this because it was brought to my attention that you cannot read the previous one on Internet Explorer. Here’s the article…


Recently (this morning), ADOBE RELEASED INFORMATION about their upcoming CS4 Suites. Why, as a director, does post production software, particularly PRODUCTION PREMIUM CS4, get me excited?


When I say “fast,” I mean.. REALLY FAST! You can literally select your footage in the Premiere timeline, right click, replace with AE comp, and it will send it to After Effects. That’s it! Once that picture is locked, you can do this and start your VFX, color grading, etc. There are a crap-load of new features in Premiere too. Track targeting (like Avid), Sync Lock, insane meta data powered by XMP, opening your PREMIERE or AFTER EFFECTS timeline in the NEW MULTITRACK Soundbooth CS4, the list goes on! The Speech Search is a cool function, but I’ve read it’s not really that accurate. Maybe 75% accurate, sometimes less. Batch Rendering in the background is awesome so you can render your stuff out but continue to work! That’s awesome!

Adobe took 50 of the most requested editing enhancements and implemented them into Premiere Pro CS4. Definitely awesome! Dynamic Link has been expanded upon, allowing for INSANE communication between programs, GREATLY speeding things up! That’s one of my favorite parts! The faster you can do stuff, the better! You’re creative flow won’t hit that dead stop when you have to render or switch between programs. They all talk to each other in ways that increase your productivity. Work at the speed of thought!

CHECK HERE for the complete list of updates!


Thank you, Adobe. Seriously. Thank you!

I switched from Premiere to Sony Vegas back when Vegas 6 was out. 2 versions later, it seems that Sony is going the proprietary route and only supporting their cameras. This in my opinion is a huge mistake and Vegas will never gain more popularity because of this fact. That completely goes against the way it used to be in the Sonic Foundry days (Sony bought Sonic Foundry) pre-Sony. Sonic Foundry would support EVERYTHING. They were the first with 24p support! Now? No native P2. No AVCHD for non-Sony cameras. They’ve taken the mentality of, “we’ll support Sony AVCHD but as for other companies, if it works, cool, if not… oh well!” That’s a huge mistake.

Adobe on the other hand, has no immediate interest in selling hardware, so they have taken the best route for an editing platform… support EVERYTHING. As a director, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to edit my footage because Premiere CS4 supports P2, XDCAM, XDCAM EX, AVCHD from Sony, Canon, and Panasonic, DV, 2K and 4K, uncompressed HD, as well as NATIVE R3D editing from RED cameras!

Virtually anything that I’d want to edit, ALL NATIVELY, and most formats supported upon release of CS4! No half-assed workarounds, nothing! As A director, I’m free to use whatever camera I feel is best for the project and go and shoot it without having to worry that my post production process will a)work, b)not be tedious as hell, and c) able to FINISH the project all the way through to delivery!


What’s important to me is that WE, the consumers, the creative people, the USERS, are first, not a business plan that concerns selling more equipment like Apple(FCP), Avid(Media Composer), and Sony (Vegas) seem to have. Adobe obviously wants to make money, but how will it do that? Well, if it’s not interested in selling its own hardware, then they’ll have to sell software. How will they sell software? By making a great product that allows us to do our jobs (which is to be extremely creative) with hitting as few roadblocks as possible.


So basically, knowing what I can do in post production and knowing what’s EASY TO DO in post production affects by decisions on set. The more I know about post, and the easier something in post is to do, the more likely I will, on set, choose a certain technique.

So thank you Adobe for what seems to be a great improvement in the CS4 Production Premiere bundle. But please, continue down this road. It would suck majorly if you suddenly become a very unapproachable company and stopped providing us with a great product. PLEASE continue to listen to us, give us the tools we need to get the job done with as little roadblocks as possible, and you will continue to hear great praises from all of us… and continue to receive our money too! =)


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