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Once again, a while….

So I’m well aware that it definitely has been a while since my last blog. Triple E Productions is going through some changes and you will start to see this reflected in our website. As many of you know, Triple E Productions is my production company for my films as well as for movie and video services. You will see the launch of another site which will be my DIRECTOR site. Apparently, people group you into a category right away in this business so you have to present yourself as something that you want to be and not anything else. I believe I am a Director first, and an editor and such next. Many people have grouped me into the “Tech person” category because I know how to do technical things.

Here’s the issue. As many of you know, Robert Rodriguez is pretty much my favorite director as far as methodology goes. He said, as someone told him, “If you can be technical as was as creative, then you can be unstoppable.”

Now get this straight: The ONLY reason why I became technical is so that I could be unstoppable.

Okay, I just wanted to clear that up. Next order of business…

The FOREVER DVD has gone through a ton of trouble because at the last minute, I’ve been trying to put together a few last shots so that we can tighten things up as far as the story goes. I know it’s been “FOREVER” and you may have been waiting for the DVD, but I promise it won’t be too much longer – as long as we don’t run into financial problems with putting out the DVD and getting it duplicated. Just hold on a little bit longer and we’ll have it for you guys – packed with a bunch of extras. Probably one of the best features is the Color Grading tutorial.

Until next time, and next time will be soon…. PEACE!

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