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Happy New Year! 2008! …and….The state of things….

It’s amazing how one month can completely change the direction of your company. I have a few things in the works and a few jobs for the video production services division of Triple E Productions that I’m finishing/starting. Pretty crazy, considering a few months ago, I was barely able to pay my bills.

Today, I handed in the first article I’m writing for Videomaker Magazine. I’m doing a tutorial on, “How to set a house on fire digitally.” I had to append a paragraph to the article due to a recently discovered plug-in. This plug-in is WalkerFX, but it has been around for a while. I recently stumbled upon it and it gets rid of the transparency issue when compositing fire (with a black background) when you are just using standard transfer modes like ADD and SCREEN. This plug-in creates an Alpha Channel from the existing black, thus eliminating the transparency in the actual flame. The plug-in rocks and I suggest you pick it up if you are compositing fire elements into your shots.

Read a review here:

The Videomaker Magazine article will be available in the MAY issue of the magazine, so be sure to pick that up! I’m also writing two other article. One will be a Muzzle Flash tutorial, the other will be…. what else?….. a LIGHTSABER tutorial. FUN!

Aside from that, I’m finishing up editing on a feature film (I’m just the editor) called TWISTS OF FATE. After that, hopefully I can get the job DIRECTING a feature film in April. I would also like to direct a short film (almost done writing) after that. It’s about a couple’s relationship problems as an apocalyptic event threatens to end the world. This one is going to be a fun little action/sci-fi piece with some cool visual fx!

After that… well… I can’t tell you everything now…. Eh… what does it make a difference. Who reads this crap anyways?

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    “Who reads this crap anyways?”

    Nobody, that’s who!

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