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FOREVER is my feature length psychological horror/thriller film. You can check out the trailer at the link or on the FOREVER MYSPACE PAGE. Anyways, so Steve met Zoe Bell at a showing of GRIND HOUSE here in NY. He started talking to her and he mentioned FOREVER and she said, “Why didn’t you bring a copy? I would have given it to Quentin.” Shit… I sure wish he had a copy on him. So we’re supposed to talk to someone at the place where the movie showed and she will hopefully send out FOREVER to ZOE or whoever else might be interested. So let this be a lesson… ALWAYS HAVE A COPY OF YOUR FILM ON YOU! Keep it in your car, in your jacket, whatever… Just makes sure you have a copy because you’ll never know who you will meet and when you’ll end up meeting them…

We also gave FOREVER to an entertainment lawyer and he’s viewing it now so hopefully he’ll like it enough to get behind it and promote it. He said that if he thinks it’s something he can do, he’ll send it over to Lionsgate, New Line Cinema, and the Weinstein Company.

We’ll see what happens…

Paul Del Vecchio – Director, Filmmaker

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