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UPDATE: 10/4/08 – You can now view FALLOUT here on VIMEO (much better quality):


Hey guys! FALLOUT is up! Here’s the link!

If you have trouble getting the link to work, go to the VIDEO SECTION, click LIST BY NAME, go to the 3rd page, and it’s in the middle column near the bottom or in the 3rd column on the right somewhere near the top!

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Thanks and I hope you all enjoy it!

From the Grand Prize Winners of the “Diary of the Dead DVD contest” (“The Final Day” is now available on the “Diary of the Dead” DVD in stores worldwide now!) comes our latest short film, FALLOUT!

Please help us out by voting for our film!

Also, be sure to stay tuned, as I will have a complete BEHIND THE SCENES look in the same style as our NETFLIX and THE FINAL DAY behind the scenes featurettes showing the Visual FX and Behind The Scenes footage showing the process of making the film!

Stay tuned and please support us by voting!

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  • Jessel on

    Hi Paul,

    Just saw Fallout. I loved the camera angles you used. Really helped build up the suspense. The pacing was great also. I only wished the whole thing could’ve been dirtier…you know…post apocalyptic Long Island. But I guess budget constraints probably held you back. What camera did you use? Did you use a film lens adapter?


  • Paul Del Vecchio on

    Hey Jessel!

    Yeah, budget was a BIG factor.. as was time! I would have LOVED to dirty things up and stuff but with our budget (nothing – literally) we just had to make the best of it.

    We used the stock DVX100a, no adapters.

    Thanks so much for checking it out! I really appreciate the support! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

    Stay tuned for a BEHIND THE SCENES video in tradition of NETFLIX and THE FINAL DAY.

    Stay tuned!

    Paul DV

  • Anonymous on

    if the video doesnt load, you can copy and paste the url. that seems to work.

  • Jessel on


    Looks pretty good for naked DVX100A. I will keep my eye out for you and this site. Good luck with it and keep in touch. You can find me at my site. Thanks.


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