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Crazy Week… man…

So this week has been really crazy. I’ve almost completed work on the color correction job for DAMAGE DONE. Also, I have completed some work on the color correction section of the FOREVER DVD. You can view the FOREVER MYSPACE PAGE HERE and check out the TRAILER in the video section. It’s just been absolutely crazy here. 

This weekend (tomorrow) we leaving for CT again so we can shoot more scene for our new feature length horror film, CROSS TO CANAAN VALLEY. This film has been in production since March. It is being directed by myself and another director named Ridley Pierce. 
The priest shirt one of the actors is wearing is ruined, so we have to go pick up another one. I have to do that today before 6pm. 
I also have to go to the post office and mail out copies of FOREVER to various film festivals. We’re expecting to hear back from about six festivals so far. 
I also have an interview to do with INDYMOGUL that they sent me through email. I’m going to do that today I think. That needs to go out… that’s a priority. 
I can’t believe it’s going to be JULY already! What the hell?! Where has time gone? 
Oh and my girlfriend bought me one of those things that heats up your shaving cream…  :-)
I’ll write back later about the shoot this weekend and the progress about FOREVER.
-Paul DV- Director – Filmmaker
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