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Color Correction Not Just For Color

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite parts of the post production process is the color grading or color correction process. This is the process of first optimizing the image, then applying a “LOOK” to the film. O Brother, Where Art Thou? was, I believe, the first feature where the entire film was digitized (they did a D.I. – Digital Intermediate) and controlled the color digitally through a color correction program or suite.

Color Correction isn’t just about color. You can control different parts of the image through masks and shapes, singling out a certain section of the picture and applying a effect there, whether it be a color effect or an exposure effect, etc.
Here are some examples/case studies from our web series, ON THE HUNT.
In the above image, Ana (the girl in the middle) should be our point of concentration. However, if you notice, she’s the darkest lit subject of all three of them. That definitely doesn’t help to draw attention to her.
If you notice above, a mask has been applied, edges feathered for a soft illumination around Ana’s face. Now, she is no longer the darkest subject. She’s around the same exposure as the others.

The two photos above are some before and after shots in After Effects.

Here, our subject is the center of attention, but we can do better…
Notice how the vignette around the edges of the picture darkens everything around his face and really makes us concentrate on him. The vignette draws our attention away from the background and onto the actor’s face. Also, a little color correction was applied to give the image more contrast, making the colors pop.
That’s all for now. I just wanted to show you the effects of color correction on projects that I am currently working on. Color Correction is a huge help in giving you that “movie look.” I suggest you all take time to learn the skill. It will increase your production value big time!
ASHER web series shoot tomorrow! It’s gonna rock!
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