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Another Contest To Enter!

I have come across another contest I’d love to enter, but with the shooting of our web series ASHER, we may not be able to. This one is really awesome. It’s a horror contest, 6 minute film max, and it doesn’t limit you to any type of subgenre of horror. It can be slasher, vampires, zombies, psychological, anything at all.

I’m currently working on the script. The project is due at the end of July so we’ll see what happens between the shooting of ASHER and the hunt of a good idea for this script. Either way, we’re working our asses off to bring you the best content we possibly can.

I love being loaded with projects. I have to admit, it’s a bit overwhelming, but it definitely is a great feeling!

More lonely Starbucks writing… just me… and my thoughts… and my Vanilla Frappuccino. Wish me luck!

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  • DJ Smack Mackey on

    is it the Chiller contest?

  • Paul Del Vecchio on

    hmmm…. 😉

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