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Amazing/Crazy Weekend – FALLOUT and ASHER

For those of you who have been keeping up with my microblogging (TWITTER) of the progression of FALLOUT, our new short suspense/horror film, you all know that it’s been a crazy weekend for me. For those of you who do not follow me on TWITTER, I’ll fill you in.


First, July 19 (Saturday) was spent shooting FALLOUT. We needed to come back with Doug Frye and Dave Doumeng on Monday, July 21st to finish up some additional scenes. All the while, I’ve been editing, color grading, doing the VFX, and soundmixing the film for it’s postmark deadline, which is today. Well, this weekend (July 26-27) was CRAZY indeed.

Saturday, Dave came over by 8pm. We spent the entire night (until 3am) tightening up the edit, finishing up the mix on the sound, doing ADR and FOLEY, and just tightening up the loose ends. Dave tried to sleep from 4am to 4:30am. I went to shower. He didn’t sleep. He couldn’t.

At 4:30am, we started getting ready to go to Brooklyn Heights, which has a great view. We headed out there at 5am to get a shot at dawn. On the way there, let me tell you… the lightning was AMAZING. GIGANTIC BOLTS lit up the sky. Scary, beautiful and amazing all at the same time. I knew this location that I found in college (when I used to dorm out there) that had an awesome view but I forgot exactly where it was. After a brief search, we found it.


After talking to a cop (who allowed us to park somewhere were weren’t supposed to, but not inconveniencing anyone – thanks man!), we walked one block to the location. It was dark so we didn’t really shoot much for at least 15 minutes. There was a moment where BEAUTIFUL bolts of lightning lit up the sky but we weren’t rolling so we didn’t capture it. It was still too dark.

When it was finally bright enough to shoot, we rolled for about 20-30 minutes, collecting all the shots we needed – and then some – for the finale of the film. It was raining slightly, but it was perfect. The sun peeking through the clouds gave us a BEAUTIFUL view. Yes, there were people out at that early morning hour, and they were watching us, wondering what we were doing. Dave looked homeless so that added to the humor of the situation.

It seriously was the perfect time to shoot. Everything looked empty and deserted which was perfect for the film. You have to see it!


Done? Hahahaha yeah right… we were just starting! After we packed up, excited as grade school kids for recess, we headed home. I was starving so Dave and I went to Rolf’s Deli in Syosset by the train station to get some breakfast. Bacon, egg, and cheese with OJ. Wow I needed that…

So after breakfast, we captured the footage, edited it into the cut, and we watched it excited as hell. Just SEEING the missing part come to life was amazing. We were finally starting to see this project as a whole after working so hard on it. It’s so rewarding seeing your hard work come to life in the cinematic world which you created.


So 9:00am rolls around and guess what? Time to pack for ASHER! We packed all the stuff into our car and headed out to Manhattan to our location. Remember, Dave and I are still running on no sleep so we’re a bit crazy! Our actress for ASHER‘s secretary part was great. We tried some really strange methods with her, changing Dave’s lines and yelling things at her to weird her out even more, and it worked great! We captured some really great and REAL moments with her. She rocked it!

Then we went on to Dawn’s stuff. Dawn came in around 2pm and we did her scenes with Dave. Really great stuff. Dawn did an amazing job once again!


After we finished the ASHER shoot, we packed up and I drove Dave and Dawn home. We were going to hang out but Dave was going to pass out and so I felt it was best to go home and work on FALLOUT despite the fact that I hadn’t slept yet. So I start driving home.

On the ride home, it was hard to keep my eyes open – especially in traffic. The friggin Cross Bronx Expressway ALWAYS has traffic and this day was no exception. I made it through the drive safely.


Guys, I had every intention of working on FALLOUT to finish it up for today’s deadline but the lack of sleep took over. I started rendering out the digital master for the first section of the film. While it was rendering, I said, “Let me lay down and watch an episode of FEAR ITSELF on my DVR. Hah… good luck with that one. Sleep got me here. It was 6:20pm or so and I knocked out. I woke up at maybe 10pm or 1am, I don’t really remember. I was in a daze. Fell back to sleep almost immediately and then woke up at 7:45am. My head was aching and my neck was still. I got up, looked out the window — it was foggy as hell… much like my head, checked my email, then went back to work.


So here I sit — content, super-excited, stiff neck and all — still working on FALLOUT and writing this to all you good people out there and thinking about what a great weekend we all had. It’s not over yet, as I still have to finish FALLOUT, edit ASHER, and move on to other projects like ON THE HUNT and some other stuff in the works. But, guys and girls, let me tell you… the feeling I have right now after just being able to do what I love all weekend and all of last week… well, it’s just incredible. I can’t wait to do this for a living! I have found my passion and I can honestly say… I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!

The After Effects chime just went off so the 3rd section just finished rendering. Back to work!

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